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The annual Geminid Meteor Shower will rain down on Earth this weekend and will be viewable in Vietnam at around 1am on December 14.
Say hello to Sticky, the worlds second biggest Insect recently discovered in Vietnam. Article published by Saigoneer, Dec'14.
Residents of Cu Lao Cham (Cham Isle) have chosen to show their love of their land by refusing to use plastic bags. Article by VietNamNet Bridge, Dec' 14.
Air Asia have always been a friend to sports travellers and kiteboarders with a great luggage policy. Now they go one step further. Article published by Saigoneer, Nov' 14.
AHI Co. Ltd throws its annual Surf and S.U.P showdown. Article written by AllAboutMuine, photos courtesy of Tricktography and Pascal Lefebvre
Having discovered this amazing cave system, the powers that be have plans to move in with a tourist cable car system.  Article by Thanh Nien News,15th Nov'14

Live News

Jibe's Beach Club
4 hours ago
No fin skim board surfing, Yeeeeeaow.

Domke, Lost and Found - Surf and Skim - Exile Skimboards

Long story short, most of the clips in this video have been lost due to major hard drive failure. Luckily though, they were filmed with an iPad before disast...
Coco Beach Resort
16 hours ago
Daily Menu at Champa Restaurant for Wednesday 28 January. Bon Appetit!

Jibe's Beach Club
23 hours ago
Unfortunately some thieves have stolen kitesurfing equipment from another kite school in Mui Ne. If anyone hears about these stolen goods being sold please contact Andrzej Wolf asap. It is coming up to TET New Year holiday in Vietnam and there is a definite increase in theft at this time, please be careful with all your belongings during this period.

Fotos von Andrzej Wolfs Beitrag in Mui Ne - Buy & Sell
STOLEN KITE F-one Bandit 7 (2014) - 8m rasta colors Please let me know or contact Surfpoint REWARD $$$
Jibe's Beach Club
1 day ago

Dang Jaws: This Might Be the Best Jaws Edit Yet
When the swell bared its teeth, they were sharp ones. Sharp and oh-so big. You've seen a million clips from last week's swell... but this one takes the cake.
Jibe's Beach Club
1 day ago
How we did it in the early days.

Boost Kitesurfing Instruction Part1 - 2002

Kitesurfing instructions from the times you learned on Wipika a two line kite without a chicken loop.
Coco Beach Resort
1 day ago
Daily Menu at Champa Restaurant for Tuesday 27 January. Bon Appetit!

Kite camp No Mad
2 days ago

Jibe's Beach Club
2 days ago
Interesting Article on Vietnams potential for Wreck Tourism

The Wreck Detectives
Vietnam was the coast that sank 1,000 ships. The story of one of the world’s busiest ancient shipping routes is waiting to be discovered in its waters – but could treasure hunters get there first?