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The annual Geminid Meteor Shower will rain down on Earth this weekend and will be viewable in Vietnam at around 1am on December 14.
Say hello to Sticky, the worlds second biggest Insect recently discovered in Vietnam. Article published by Saigoneer, Dec'14.
Residents of Cu Lao Cham (Cham Isle) have chosen to show their love of their land by refusing to use plastic bags. Article by VietNamNet Bridge, Dec' 14.
Air Asia have always been a friend to sports travellers and kiteboarders with a great luggage policy. Now they go one step further. Article published by Saigoneer, Nov' 14.
AHI Co. Ltd throws its annual Surf and S.U.P showdown. Article written by AllAboutMuine, photos courtesy of Tricktography and Pascal Lefebvre
Having discovered this amazing cave system, the powers that be have plans to move in with a tourist cable car system.  Article by Thanh Nien News,15th Nov'14

Live News

Jibe's Beach Club
23 Jun 15

Congrats to Matt Knighton/@[204760639547341:274:Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing] for taking the last round of the Daily Photo Contest, also scoring the overall victory for Leg 9 - Thank you all for voting everyday for the past 9 months!
Africa Surf & Kite Test Center
22 Jun 15
(фото по запросу "сложный выбор")
АЛЯРМ! Вопрос: вот вы собрались куда-то поехать, где-то потусить, чему-то поучиться, что-то посмотреть. Где вы будете искать совета, смотреть отзывы, чтобы сделать выбор:
1. Сарафанное радио (доверяете советам друзей)
2. Соцсети (FB, VK)
3. Поисковики (Яндексы, Гугелы...)
4. Приложения для модных девайсов (Foursquare, Instagram...)
5. Форум Винского
6. Трипадвизор/Букингком
7. Rutraveller/Tophotels

Jibe's Beach Club
22 Jun 15

Coco Beach Resort
22 Jun 15
20 Years Already!
In July 1995 we opened our little corner of Paradise. We would like to celebrate this with a special promotion, valid from July 3rd to September 30th, 2015:
Bungalow (per night): 100$ instead of 140$
Villa (per night): 200$ instead of 280$
Click the "Book Now" button above to reserve your room and enjoy the summer on the best beach in Mui Né!

Kite camp No Mad
21 Jun 15

NO MAD le WE a beauduc 100% wind samedi 6 et 7 m et dimanche 7 et 9 m
Jibe's Beach Club
21 Jun 15
Wax off Wax on, surfboard preparation for good things to come. Lots of boards to choose from. 9'1, 8'6, 7'8, 6' Fish, and don't forget we also have the amazing Starboard Ultra's & AMP's. Come hit some waves with Jibes, we've got what you need :)

Mui Ne Cooking School
21 Jun 15

Jibe's Beach Club
20 Jun 15

Is this the future of sailing?

In the spirit of progression, Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher have devised a new 6 meter catamaran that is redefining what's possible on the open ocea...