Cycling around Mui Ne

Kim Son Biking & Hiking Center - Cycling
Kim Son Biking & Hiking Center - Cycling

Mui Ne is a nice location for cycling.

The road along the beach to the fishing village of Mui Ne is quite busy during the high season but apart from that time, there are not so many motorbikes nor cars.

The easy cycle tour to the fishing village of Mui Ne

If you want to go for an easy bicycle tour, you can aim for the fishing village of Mui Ne and come back. From Coco beach resort to the village, it is a 8 km ride of flat road (except two small up-hills when entering the fishing village).

Another easy tour in the country side under the shadow (80%) suitable for kids from 6 can be organized with Marc from Kim Son Biking & Hiking center (see details below).

The adventurous cycle tour

If you are willing to go for a bit of stronger exercise and adventure, then you have a lot of nice rides around Mui Ne if you have an all-roads bicycle.

The up-hill kick-off to get away from the main road of Mui Ne

What you need to do is to get out of the road which is along the beach by taking one of the 2 roads going towards the country side. One of those is starting in front of Shades apartment, the second one is starting in front of the market of Ham Tien (the small village on the way to the fishing village of Mui Ne). You will notice that it goes up-hill “nicely” but it worths it... Then you reach an unexpectedly large and empty road that you should cross to continue straight... But take your time to recover from that slope and enjoy the scenery of Mui Ne bay. You can see a lot of palm trees and the sea: that' s what Mui Ne is all about!

The country-side of Mui Ne

Now, the adventure starts. The country-side of Mui Ne is a mix between very dry area and very well irrigated area. In the first one, the trees are rare and you have a lot of sand. In the second one, you will find palm trees and rice fields. On your way, you will ride across some small villages, take over carts pulled by cows and Vietnamese farmers working under the sun with very basic tools. The ride is a mix of dirt road and paved road with a lot of up-hills and down-hills. There are many different itineraries that you will discover if you take the time to look around.

Don't be afraid to get lost or to be out of water, you will find help if you need it. There will always be someone around, even at the least expected places. You will always end up finding your way home if you are careful enough to save your energy. At least, you should keep some energy for Miss Mui Ne Election happening tonight !!!

General advice to keep a good memory of your cycle tour

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You will find places to get water for refill, but you should have at least a one liter bottle with you

  • The temperatures are high and the sun is strong so you should not challenge yourself too much, especially if you don' t know yet your way home. Don' t forget a hat and the sun block.

  • The night starts early (around 6pm), the afternoon is very hot, the best time for adventure is early morning

Where can you rent a bicycle in Mui Ne?

Finding a good bicycle for rent in Mui Ne is not an easy job because they get damaged very fast with the salt carried by the wind. Several places have city bicycles which are only suitable for the trip to the fishing village. If you want to go for the adventurous trip, you will have to look for a more sporty bicycle and eventually, I am sure that you will find something not perfect but acceptable.

You can rent some Giant mountain bikes and city bikes from Kim Son Biking & Hiking center:

This center also organizes Team Building and has experience with group reaching up to 100 persons.

This center is managed by a Swiss named Marc. He is organizing some tours for Hiking and cycling around Mui Ne:

Family Tours

Standard Tours

Team Building