Kitesurf in Mui Ne

kitesuf mui ne high jump
kitesuf mui ne high jump

Kitesurf is definitely the activity that most people in Mui Ne are enjoying. On busy days, it seems as if there are hundred kites in the sky. The mix of the colors of the kites and the clear blue sky is really beautiful.

Kitesurf in Mui Ne in Video

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Wind in Mui Ne

Mui ne is probably the windiest place in south east Asia. If you are interested by the wind, you should read the page dedicated to the wind in Mui Ne.

Learn Kitesurf in Mui Ne


If you plan to stay for one week during the windy season, then you should definitely take the opportunity to learn Kitesurf. It is a great sport that you can enjoy in a really nice and natural environment. You can find great sensations. On top of that, it is relatively easy to learn. Gifted people will be autonomous and ready to go just after 5 hours, then the challenge will be to go upwind (being able to leave the beach and come back to the same point).

The main Kite-schools in Mui Ne are open all along the year.
Here are few kitesurfing schools in Mui Ne.

When choosing a school, don't look only at the price. Keep in mind that Kitesurf is a dangerous sport for you and mostly for people around you. Make sure you choose a school where security maters with teachers with whom you can communicate well.

Experienced kitesurfers will find Mui Ne as a great spot because of the good wind. Also, there are a lot of good spots in the north of Mui Ne.