Race report @ 13th Vietnam Fun Cup - 2012 - Day 1

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  • Competitors attaches their number on the rashy in the back and on the right leg of their short.
  • Heavier competitors will choose the board first.
  • For first day, their will be 2 races in a row for each competitors.
  • Start from the water

Race board - by the race director of the Vietnam Fun Cup in Mui ne




Group A : Men - No Cambers Sails
Group B:  Men - No Cambers Sails
Group C: Men - Cambers Sails
Group D: Women

Reports Day 1

Race 1 - group A

The race went on with a medium wind (between 15 and 18 knots). Still, people were planning all the way. The standard board and sail would be about 7m² and 110 liters board.

Race 2 - group A

At the start, the wind was a bit light and some racers stayed on the departure line without planning. Then the wind picked up and every-body got planning.

Race 3 - group C & D

No doubt that Camber Sail are beautiful on the water. It was really impressive to watch. The wind is sill about the same, 18 knots.

The 3 women have been competing happily... No doubt each of them is going to be on the podium..

Race 4 - group C & D

Still the same going on ...

Women: Lucy won the second race ! Deborah is number 2 and Chi is number 3!

Race 5 - group B

finished ... no change for the wind

Race 6 - group B

The wind is getting up ...

Race 7 - group A

Additional 3 races because we have time... 

The wind is at its stongest.

Race 8 - group C & D


Race 9 - group B


Results Day 1

Group 1 Results

Group 2 Results

Group 3 Results

Woman Results


Reports Day 2