Shops in Mui Ne

  • Clothe, Souvenir, Convenience store
  • Surf-shop

    Jibe's shop is the entrance of the Jibe's Beach Club Mui Ne.

    You will find:

    • ...
  • Surf-shop, Clothe, Souvenir, Convenience store
  • Clothe, Souvenir, Convenience store
  • Surf-shop, Clothe

    Mellow shop sells Kitesurf equipement and clothe.

    Mellow distributes the kites from Ozone.

  • Clothe

    Saga du Mékong is one of the nicest shop in Mui Ne to buy clothe with a style inspired by Asian culture and matching occidental taste.

    The products are made in Vietnam and use natural...

  • Travel Agency

    Hanh café is a reliable tourist agency for

    • tours around Mui Ne
    • buying bus or plane tickets
    • rent a car or mini-bus

    They usually work with last...

  • Clothe

    Oki-Ni is one of the rare fashion shop in Mui Ne. It carries Song's collection which is a high fashion brand name from Saigon. The shop is well displayed with very friendly sale assistants to make...

  • Surf-shop

    Mister Ho will help you sort out your torn kite. Mister Ho can also provide some kite lessons and bring you for kite-surfing tour out of Mui Ne (for experienced kite-surfers only)

  • Surf-shop, Clothe


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