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  • Vietnam has traditionally been an agrarian society, but since the turn of the century, it has been steady in its commitment to economic liberalization and industrialization. A major beneficiary of this policy is the furniture industry.

    Vietnam has succeeded in leveraging its USPs, such as highly skilled labor, cultural heritage of craftsmanship, low wage structures, political stability, and advantageous geographical location to develop a strong competence in furniture making.

    Over the last 20 years, Vietnam has become a world class location to set up furniture factories, and a major base for furniture exports. Furniture from Vietnam is now exported to over 120 countries. 70% of the exports are to United States, European Union States and Japan. Vietnamese furniture even makes its way to China, which is traditionally regarded as the bastion of low cost furniture.

    sofas online Vietnam

    Danish produced sofas, made in Vietnam. Previously reserved for export, you can now buy these sofas online in Vietnam.

    Overview of the furniture industry in Vietnam

    Vietnam is renowned for wooden furniture, which caters to both interior and outdoor needs for home and office, as well as handicrafts and wooden artifacts.

    The Vietnamese furniture industry is comprised of about 2000 furniture manufacturers, and more than 2500 wood processing operations. Together, they process more than 2 million cubic meters of wood per year, and employ more than 200,000 workers. Logs and timber are actually imported into Vietnam from New Zealand, Sweden, USA, Canada and other countries, as the domestic produce is insufficient to meet the demand of the manufacturing units. Furniture in Vietnam is dependent on external supply of specific materials (types of wood) or components (hardware for assembly) in order to meet the huge demand by its furniture producers.

    The units are a mix of State Owned Enterprises, Private, private enterprises, and foreign businesses, and range across small scale family owned units, local owned medium scale units, and large factories, mostly foreign owned. About 15% of all produce are exported.

    Large international furniture companies that operate out of Vietnam include Metro, Ikea, Scancom, and Li & Fung. By 2005, about 60 foreign furniture manufacturing companies invested more than USD 185 million to set up operations in Vietnam.

    Each region has developed its own niche:

    The region around HCMC, or South Vietnam, is noted for its furniture manufacturers. About 70% of Vietnam’s 600+ large furniture manufacturers are located in this region.

    North Vietnam, or the region around Ha Noi has developed a niche in hardwood furniture and handicrafts. The high quality of craftsmanship and mastery in traditional carvings make Ha Noi made art objects and handicrafts stand out.

    Central Vietnam, comprising of the areas around Da Nang, Binh Dinh and the Highlands specialize in less formal hardwood furniture and art objects.

    Vietnamese Furniture Industry Level Co-Ordination

    The Handicraft and Wood Industry Assn. of HCMC (HAWA) brings together and coordinates the various stakeholders involved in the wood and furniture industry in Vietnam.

    HAWA’s Vietnam International Furniture and Home Accessories Fair, first organized in 2008, and since then an annual event, showcases Vietnamese furniture to the global market and also offers a convenient B2B business platform.

    The annual HCMC International Furniture and Handicrafts Fair, the largest international furniture and handicrafts trade exhibition in Vietnam also offers a sourcing and B2B interaction platform.

    The establishment of TUVRheinland LGA furniture testing laboratory in 2007 removed a serious handicap in that the country now has the facility to test furniture for international standards and approvals.

    The furniture industry in Vietnam is going strong, and contributes significantly to the country's GDP.

  • Whether you you are a fan of soccer, rugby, tennis, formula 1 or any other sport, Ocean's Republic won't let you down.

    They will make sure that you won't miss your favorite event if you are thousands of kilometers from home. Since not many places are showing sports events, Ocean's Republic might be the best place to meet other enthusiastic supporters.

    If you want to find out the exact sports program and planning, you can phone Dietmar: 0169 977 8630

    Note: Dany's pub in Coco Beach Resort is also a place that you can consider to watch sports.

  • Whether you you are a fan of soccer, rugby, tennis, formula 1 or any other sport, Ocean's Republic won't let you down.

    They will make sure that you won't miss your favorite event if you are thousands of kilometers from home. Since not many places are showing sports events, Ocean's Republic might be the best place to meet other enthusiastic supporters.

    If you want to find out the exact sports program and planning, you can phone Dietmar: 0169 977 8630

    Note: Dany's pub in Coco Beach Resort is also a place that you can consider to watch sports.

  • Whether you you are a fan of soccer, rugby, tennis, formula 1 or any other sport, Ocean's Republic won't let you down.

    They will make sure that you won't miss your favorite event if you are thousands of kilometers from home. Since not many places are showing sports events, Ocean's Republic might be the best place to meet other enthusiastic supporters.

    If you want to find out the exact sports program and planning, you can phone Dietmar: 0169 977 8630

    Note: Dany's pub in Coco Beach Resort is also a place that you can consider to watch sports.

  • Whether you you are a fan of soccer, rugby, tennis, formula 1 or any other sport, Ocean's Republic won't let you down.

    They will make sure that you won't miss your favorite event if you are thousands of kilometers from home. Since not many places are showing sports events, Ocean's Republic might be the best place to meet other enthusiastic supporters.

    If you want to find out the exact sports program and planning, you can phone Dietmar: 0169 977 8630

    Note: Dany's pub in Coco Beach Resort is also a place that you can consider to watch sports.

  • Whether you you are a fan of soccer, rugby, tennis, formula 1 or any other sport, Ocean's Republic won't let you down.

    They will make sure that you won't miss your favorite event if you are thousands of kilometers from home. Since not many places are showing sports events, Ocean's Republic might be the best place to meet other enthusiastic supporters.

    If you want to find out the exact sports program and planning, you can phone Dietmar: 0169 977 8630

    Note: Dany's pub in Coco Beach Resort is also a place that you can consider to watch sports.

  • The best “party places” keep changing night by night. you should move from one place to another along the night following the natural flow. You can’t get lost, everything is in Nguyen Dinh Chieu (NDC) street. Walk and/or share a taxi, it will be the cheapest, fastest and safest option. Before moving out, checkout the homepage of to see if any bar is organizing something special for this evening. Most of the tourists are coming during the windy season from December to February. During that period, every night can be a party night. The rest of the year, party will tend to happen more during Week-End and will be surely less crowded. Here is a party itinerary I would recommend...

    6 to 7 PM: Happy Hour @ Jibe’s / 90 NDC
    Grab a few Mojitos, Cuba Libre and Beers. Nice music, pool table and surf club atmosphere will be the perfect place for you to discuss about your day, next wind forecast and find out where to go. Connect to the free Wifi and find out where to go during the evening on ;-) A more conventional option would be to ask people around, but my writing is my only source of advertising …

    7 to 9 PM: Eat! or you won’t last...
    All you can eat BBQ at Jibe’s, perfect if you had a tiring day on the water.
    Next door super cheap Vietnamese restaurant Lam Tong.
    Further to the village of Mui Ne, you will find some outdoor seafood restaurants.
    El Latino will let you grow your dancing desire with crazy latino beats.
    … find more restaurants ...

    9 to 10 PM: Digest with live music before the storm @ Joe’s / 69 NDC
    Get a lassie, a coffee. It might be your last healthy drink until you wake up tomorrow morning. Or enjoy a nice cocktail.

    10 to 11 PM - Warm up with shooters and cocktails @ Sankara / 78 NDC
    A very nicely designed bar in Mui Ne, prices are still affordable so. If you are on budget, just grab a Tiger beer.

    Anytime - Pro DJs, cocktails, Vietnamese food @ LIVING & GIVING LOUNGE / 120/1 NDC
    This place has one of the best ambiance at the beach! Comfy sofas, beanbags and huge area to hang out. Special Vietnamese food, cocktails, quality drinks and of course the best music by pro Djs. This place is a new spot to eat, drink, party and chill opened by the one who managed all the best party places in Mui Ne.

    11 to 12 AM - More warm up, more fun @ The Pogo Bar / 138 NDC
    Beach bar with funny design and cheap cocktails. Life is cool, especially when you are in holidays, not wearing much, with flip flop, staying outside, watching the waves … and with good music!

    12 to 1 AM - The Russian Hour @ Willy Willy Bar / 229B NDC
    Russian community is big here and they party. Meet them to start your day on the good foot with a glass of Vodka.

    1 to ? - Dance with the crowd @ DJ Station 120c NDC or Pogo / 138 NDC
    The music sounds like party music with real DJs and a good sound system. You are on the beach. People are relaxed. You can drink for a cheap price. And you probably won’t remember half of all that tomorrow morning, so enjoy it now!

    Late night Snacks!
    - A Mart, Mui Mart (a bit everywhere in Mui ne)
    - David’s Pizza - All night - around 159 NDC
    - Ultras - until 6am - Russian Food - (around 149 NDC) - Excellent to recover after hard drinking!
    - 120 NDC - Vietnamese - Food Station (aka D... Shop), never closes, Pho Bo, My Xao ...
    - Kebab Shop - until 1am - Opposite to Pogo (138 NDC)
    - Nem Ky - kind of Bun Thit Nuong (around 170 NDC, next to Ke Phuong)
    - Pho Viet 24 - Pho Bo, Pho Ga ... many drinks and nice athmosphere - until 3am - 223 NDC - (oposite Nathalie Resort)
    - Silvian's wife restaurant ... until 2am

  • We've the following second hand kite surfing equipment for sale (available in HCMC):
    - 1 Naish Kite Board
    - 1 Airush Kite board
    - 1 board bag
    - 1 (best brand) Kite with the bar: 13m
    - The whole package: 500 usd

    If interested, thanks to contact Xavier on 0909-754-568

    Mathilde and Xavier

  • I will be Mui Ne from the 28th June till 20th September. I am looking for a job in a bar/restaurant during this period. I have spent several ski seasons in the Alps, where I have worked in hotels, bars and pubs in various roles.

    Feel free to get in contact for further information.

    Toby d'Ambrumenil
    Nationality: British
    Speaks English (native) and French (conversational)

    Employment history

    • Barman at Plumber manor hotel 06 August 2012 - 01 September 2012.
    • Freelance painter July 2011 - present.
    • Express Cafes catering 24 August 2011 offered permanent employment starting January 2012.
    • Outdoor maintenance July 2008 - present.
    • Waiter and Barman for Schofields catering (weddings and functions) 2011- present

    Personal interests
    Rugby, skiing, running, cycling, swimming, photography, socializing, sailing, shooting, acting.

    - Power boat license (12meters)
    - Full clean driving license since May 2011
    - City and Guilds level 6 plumber
    - 3 A-levels Media Studies, Drama and Photography (2B 1C) (Drama piece is used by exam board as model work)
    - BASI level 1
    - FIS international ski Racing license 2002-2012

  • Update on April 28th, 2012

    The hotel has now re-opened with a new name and new owner ...  

    The new name of the hotel is The Sun (Phone: 062.3.741.737).

    ===== Initial message =======

    Mellow business is for rent .

    It includes 12 room resort, 2 shops, restaurant and bar. Available for 5 years rent.

    Check out the page of Mellow.

    If you want more information, you can contact:


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    Gilles Tanguy - 27 years of windsurfing

    Gilles started windsurf when he was 19 years old in Brest in Brittany. His brother was a French Champion and invited him to try out a tour on a racing windsurf board... He fell in love with the sport. No longer that 2 years later, he was joining a pro-rider team and had many different sponsors including QuickSilver, Oxbow, Fanatic and Gastra. He participated to the World Tour duging 8 years and had the opportunity to discover many spots since he could enjoy few days relaxing after each event.

    His favorites spots are in Brittany, Tarifa and Fuerte Ventura (Spain / Canary Island) and Mui Ne (Vietnam). What he likes the most with Brittany is the nice and big waves and the diversity of the spots.... You probably already guessed that he enjoys wave-riding the most.

    Gilles likes Mui Ne, he came already last year and decided to come back this year. He likes people smiling, their simplicity, the welcome ...

    Gilles was surprised by the size of the event, how well it was promoted by media and the involvement of the sponsors. The Vietnam Fun Cup even reminded him of the World Cup Events "few" years ago at the time Robby Naish. Gilles was really impressed by the high level of the Vietnamese participants saying they are really fit!

    Today, for the super final, his target will be having fun. But as a suborned Breton, he will not let go the first place!



    Jean-Paul - 35 years of windsurfing


    Jean-Paul is Gilles' friend, both by chance returned to Mui Ne when the Fun Cup was about to take place. So, they are in the game!

    Jean-Paul started windsurfing 35 years ago back in Brest, his home-town. Being pushed by a friend at school, he tried and was captivated. He did spend all year long practicing the sport. What he loves about windsurfing is the nature, the gliding feeling, the contact with water. And most of all, he enjoys wave-riding. Jean-Paul has traveled around for windsurfing and his preferable spots are Brittany, Treompan (especially when the wind is from West or North-West) and also, Mui Ne. Jean-Paul & Gilles happened to find out about Mui Ne last year, on the Internet when they searched for a spot with good wind, nice temperature and reasonable price.

    As being a doctor specializing in ethno psychology, what he likes about Mui Ne is the mentality of the local people, everyone here seems to be happy, smiling, easy-going and approachable. He definitely comes back often for windsurfing in Mui Ne.


    Interview with Csiga


    Csiga started windsurfing since he was 9 years old, being encouraged by his father who was also a windsurfer. He first sailed in Balaton Lake back in his country, Hungary. Csiga shares that there iś not much difference between windsurfing in a lake and at sea, as long as there is good wind. And wind is also the reason why he came to Mui Ne, only for windsurfing. It is the 6th year he returns to Mui Ne, every year he stays for the whole winter season, from late Jul/Aug to Mar. What he loves are the waves and slalom. Csiga´s target this year is to participate in the PWA in Italy this April and the KW-SURF in Mauritius this July.

    Having watched the Fun Cup from the beginning, he hopes one of the Vietnamese guys will wind the race, provided that they keep an eye on their Russian competitors.

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    • Super final Men - 3 races - ​12 finalist men with "NO cambers sails"
    • Super final Women - 3 races - 3 women racing
    • Small final Men - 3 races - 10 men

    the race of the day... well, similar route as yesterday, no surprise! the key success factor: to pass the starting line full power in planning at the end of the final count down (not before and not too late after the go!!!)

    contestants warming up... waiting for stronger wind... 

    Report - Super Final Men

    Best windsurfers starting first at 1pm, the so-called super final, then the 10 last of yesterday (the small final) and finally, the ladies. Not very windy, every one is out with big sails and big boards, it looks more like a boating competition :)

    Race 1

    Beautiful start, all competitors crossing the line in an homogeneous group. Soon, one leader emerged: Gilles Tanguy, riding faster than everyone. He will cross the finish line unchallenged with a comfortable distance. Much was said after the first jibe. No one fell in the turn but some jibed faster than others; especially in the pumping to get back in planning. 

    Race 2

    Much more of a fighting here. On the starting line, Nguyen Van Rot was coming from the inside as a bullet and emerging as the leader of the race. On the first jibe, he got caught up by Gilles and another 2 contestants. Finish line was disputed fiercely, Gilles got the final word and won.

    Race 3

    Supporters on the beach got their hearts pounding harder at the first jibe, the scene being apocalyptic. ​Alexy Karachevtsev, riding first was making his way to an easy victory, followed by Grigory Zolotarev, equally untouchable as Maxim Koshkin fell and obstructed most of the followers, among whom Jean-Charles Drubay, aiming for a 3rd place in this race. Trying to avoid the crash, he let go his wish and sail and soon all contestants ended up paddling and sorting out which windsurf belong to whom in this whole mess. 

    Report - Super Final Women + Small Final Men

    The wind is still super nice with about 18 knots. Racers have boards around 100 liters and sails around 7m². This set of race is a bit special because it mixes 2 finals: Super Final Women and Small Final Men.

    Race 1

    ​Mark Walton and Lucy Odillo have the lead. At the first Buoy, it is the catastrophe for Mark Walton who fell down. Other racers following also fell but some manage to make their way... Then guess who stays up on the water ? Lucy!

    Race 2

    Lucy is first at first Jibe. Everybody was not fully ready has the green flag was raised.  First man fell after the Jibe's with an amazing catapult as he was gaining speed. 

    Lucy crossed the finish line first ... way ahead of the other competitors (I am including the men here!).

    Race 3 (after the break of 10 minutes! )

    For the top 4, this race was a much higher level than previous ones with no fall. Lucy did not finish first this time. It seems that men wake-up !

    The wind was getting quite gusty during this last race but top racers managed to keep planning all the way.


    Final Results


    Woman Final Results

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    • Competitors attaches their number on the rashy in the back and on the right leg of their short.
    • Heavier competitors will choose the board first.
    • For first day, their will be 2 races in a row for each competitors.
    • Start from the water

    Race board - by the race director of the Vietnam Fun Cup in Mui ne




    Group A : Men - No Cambers Sails
    Group B:  Men - No Cambers Sails
    Group C: Men - Cambers Sails
    Group D: Women

    Reports Day 1

    Race 1 - group A

    The race went on with a medium wind (between 15 and 18 knots). Still, people were planning all the way. The standard board and sail would be about 7m² and 110 liters board.

    Race 2 - group A

    At the start, the wind was a bit light and some racers stayed on the departure line without planning. Then the wind picked up and every-body got planning.

    Race 3 - group C & D

    No doubt that Camber Sail are beautiful on the water. It was really impressive to watch. The wind is sill about the same, 18 knots.

    The 3 women have been competing happily... No doubt each of them is going to be on the podium..

    Race 4 - group C & D

    Still the same going on ...

    Women: Lucy won the second race ! Deborah is number 2 and Chi is number 3!

    Race 5 - group B

    finished ... no change for the wind

    Race 6 - group B

    The wind is getting up ...

    Race 7 - group A

    Additional 3 races because we have time... 

    The wind is at its stongest.

    Race 8 - group C & D


    Race 9 - group B


    Results Day 1

    Group 1 Results

    Group 2 Results

    Group 3 Results

    Woman Results


    Reports Day 2


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    Interview  of Cyril Moussilmani and Ben Van Der Steen.

    Cyril Moussilmani - French - F71 - 32 years old

    Height: 196 cm
    Weight: 94 kg

    Interview Cyril Moussilmani for at 13th Vietnam Funcup

    Cyril started windsurf 20 years ago in the south of France in Marseille. His top results are 2nd in Super X in 2005 and 3rd in Slalom in 2010. This year Cyril is targeting a position on the podium of the PWA World tour ( Cyril is sponsored by Starboard and Severne. His job is to perform in the windsurf race and to work on new products design. Finally, he admitted that his favorite thing in windsurf is wave-riding. His advice : Do windsurf, have fun and enjoy!
    Cyril believes that the Fun Cup is a great event to mix fun and competition. He thinks that Windsurf professionals have their place here but only on the ground to give some advices to the competitors.
    Cyril enjoys coming to Mui Ne because of the good wind and diversity of the conditions for one day to the other with wind speed between 15 knots and 30 knots. On top of that, Cyril says that “the food is great!”. This environment is placing Mui Ne as a great place for training and competition. I guess that is the reason why Mui Ne is now hosting the PWA World Tour.

    Ben Van Der Steen - Dutch - NED 57 - 32 years old

    Height: 186 cm
    Weight: 99 kg
    Ben Van Der Steen - Interview for
    Ben also started windsurf 20 years about close to Breda in Nederland. His main achievements are a 1st position at PWA wave Israel 2006 and 3rd position in slalom in 2011. His target for next year is also to be in the top 3. Ben is sponsored by Starboard and Loftsails. His motto is “Enjoy, Word hard, Play harder!“.
    According to Ben, the Fun Cup is a great opportunity for beginners and amators to learn and improve their racing technics in Windsurf. And hopefully, some of the competitors might join the PWA world tour in the future to compete with the professional riders.
    Ben says that being in Mui Ne is super nice! It is a good place for training and competition. Not only the wind conditions but also the temperature of 27 degrees are welcoming the windsurfers. And the food is good here!


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    Interview with Chi​

    Now we have a quick chat with Chi, the only Vietnamese female competitor in the Fun Cup this year. Chi “officially” started windsurfing only 3.5 months ago but has progressed amazingly.
    Q: How did you start windsurfing?
    A: Well, I did practice windsurfing 4 or 5 years ago. I could stand on board then but couldn't move so fast. I love windsurfing since then but only started 3.5 months ago.
    Q: Why didn't you start earlier?
    A: Ah, I lived in Saigon back to that time, came to Phan Thiet not very often and my parents didn't encourage me much, they were so afraid of too much sunshine (laughing). But luckily I got a job here and moved here. So, plenty of time to do my favorite thing.
    Q: ...relocated for windsurfing?
    A: You could say that
    Q: Who taught you windsurfing, officially?
    A: A friend of mine, in 2 weeks
    Q: in 2 weeks? Unbelievable! What's your greatest achievement so far?
    A: I won an encouragement prize in the Competition “Surf for you” a month ago and got a nice harness. I was the only female competitor among more than 20 men.
    Q: Wow! Congratulations! Such a great start! So, how do you feel about windsurfing? What keeps you sailing?
    A: It's exciting, thrilling and challenging.
    Q: What's about water sports? Like kite surfing?
    A: Windsurfing is more difficult. It requires more techniques, more challenges and I practice to improve, to speed faster day by day.
    Q: How often do you do windsurfing?
    A: 3 hours everyday, from 1pm till 4pm, when the wind is strongest
    Q: Great. Thank you for your sharing and wish you success in the Fun Cup this time.

    Interview with Tu

    Tu is a 24-year-old guy from Binh Thuan and this Fun Cup is his third-time.
    Q: How long have you been windsurfing?
    A: 3 years ago
    Q: What brought you to windsurfing?
    A: I worked at Jibes and Big Boy (* nickname of the club manager) taught me windsurfing
    Q: Was it difficult the beginning?
    A: It is but after 2 weeks, things got easier. I could master the techniques & moves
    Q: As this sport is not very popular with Vietnamese, were you a bit scare to try at the first time?
    A: No, not at all. I'm a coastal guy so I'm into all water sports
    Q: Is it necessary to know swimming before taking up windsurfing?
    A: No. The sailor will have support & protection from all security equipment, life jacket, harness, etc.
    Q: What do you expect from the Fun Cup today? Any goal to achieve?
    A: Just a fun sailing and a nice get-together with all other competitors all around the world. 


    Interview with Deborah


    Deborah began windsurfing along East Coast in Singapore since 1993. It just happened spontaneously when one day, she decided to take the board, take the sail and went out to the sea. And as Deborah said, it takes her forever to come back.

    She loves the freedom that windsurfing brings, nobody around, peace at heart. Yet at the same time, the sport is very challenging and a good physical exercise. She came to Mui Ne first time in 2005 and came back every year since then. Each time, Deborah stays for about 3 months, spends most of her time windsurfing and enjoying the relaxing Mui Ne. She usually stays at Full Moon, does a lot of swimming, exploring the delicious dishes and chit-chatting with friends from all around the world. Her favorite restaurant is 385 (specializing in goat meat hotpot). She also finds the local BBQ super yummy and enjoys much the Vietnamese meals prepared by the owner of Full Moon.

    Every time in Mui Ne, she always starts windsurfing from Jibe´s, heads to Sailing Club and comes back. She loves Jibe´s for its nice atmosphere, good & helpful beach boys and its sufficient, good-quality equipment. What she loves about Mui Ne is the sailing condition is never the same. It keeps changing, big waves this day, strong wind the other day, which makes windsurfing so exciting and thrilling.

    Deborah enjoys the Fun Cup much and as she shares, she will work hard today to achieve her no.3.


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    Name - Nationality - Age


    1. Maxim Koshkin - RUS - 29 - Professional
    2. Alexy Karachevtsev - RUS - 24 - Professional
    3. Michael Samoylov - RUS - 30
    4. Atsushi Kawasaki - JAP - 42
    5. Tu Truong Ky - VN - 22
    6. Anthony Bordier - FR - 34
    7. Konstantin Moskvin - RUS - 23
    8. Nguyen Van Rot - VN - 24
    9. Grigory Zolotarev - RUS - 30
    10. Alexey Trusov - RUS - 26
    11. Vinh Ho Van - VN - 18
    12. Tien Truong Ky - VN - ?
    13. Xuyen Truong Van - VN - 22
    14. Mitsuyuki Ida - JAP - 55
    15. Walton Mark - FR - 35
    16. Lochen Romain - FR - 35
    17. Tanguy Gilles - FR - 46
    18. Lhuillier Jean-Yves - FR - 49
    19. Iliou Jean-Paul - FR - 47
    20. Ilia Chaika - RUS - 20
    21. Sergei Chaika - RUS - 41 (racing with numner 9 blue)
    22. Jean-Charles Drubay - FR - 30 (racing with numner 10 blue)


    1. Lucy Odillo Maher - AUSTRALIA - 30 or 38
    2. Deborah Khoo - SING - 52
    3. Kim Chi Tran - VN - ?


    Fun cup 2012 the groups

  • You probably know that Mui Ne is a great place to practice windsurfing. If you want to start windsurfing, don't be afraid of the wind and waves in front of Your hotel, Darko organizes lessons close to the fishing village of Mui Ne where the water is flat and shallow. The lessons take place in the morning when the wind isn't very strong yet. Also, the equipment is perfectly adapted for beginners with large boards and small sails. Conditions are perfect for learning!

    The first lesson starts with 20 minutes on the sand with an explanation of the basics of windsurfing (get on the board, stand up, pick up the sail, go and turn). Then you will get in the water for about one hour with your board and sail.Darko has been teaching sailing and windsurfing for many years, and you will benefit from all his tricks to make learning more simple. Don't feel offended if Darko is leading you with a strong voice, he just wants to make sure that you can hear him in the middle of the wind and waves... I did witness a lesson where the 2 complete beginners (one woman and one man) who joined could manage doing all the basics by the end of the first lesson!

    If you want to book lessons with Darko, you can ask for him at Jibe's where he works and teaches advanced classes in the afternoon.

  • For the past 5 months since its creation, keeps getting more and more visitors.

    We hope that it will continue.

    Around 60% of visitors are coming from Vietnam including about 40% who are already in Mui Ne.

    Most of the visitors are coming from Google.

    Suprising fact

    Saint-Genis-Pouilly is in the top 10 of the city from where visitors come from. Saint-Genis-Pouilly is a city of 8,379 inhabitants in France, close to Paris.

    We have no explanation yet ...


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